Order your chicks and supplies, for pickup on April 8th  4:00-6:00. Easter is a perfect time to explore new life. Feeling like you need something new to occupy yourself or your kids? Chick rental is just the thing! You can raise an adorable baby chick for a few weeks this spring, perfect for Social Distancing; you can even get your grandma one delivered to her door step!! We will rent you a chick that you and your kids can enjoy and have fun raising. We call it rent a chick because you don’t have to commit to forever (you are welcome to keep it), but if you are just in for a few weeks you are welcome to return your chicks to our farm for a happy chicken life.  All the chickens will be sexed at the hatchery to be females and after 6 months should be laying eggs! Chicks get lonely so we suggest at least two chicks unless you are going to spend a lot of time with it. 

You will need to provide a box we suggest 20x12x12 plastic storage bin for one chick (Cardboard will also work). You will need to provide 2 small mouth mason jars to attach to the feeder and waterer; Additional chicks are available, if the chicks are sharing a box you will only need to get extra food for them(the starter kit has enough food for one chick in the first six weeks of life).

You can come to Millsap Farms 6593 N Emu Ln Springfield MO to pick up your chick, or we can provide a $7 delivery to your doorstep, we will contact you with expected delivery time (please plan to be home to recieve your delivery).  If you do not select home delivery we will expect to see you at the farm between 4 and 6 on april 8th (if necessary we will have a curbside service at the farm)! All orders must be placed by March 31 at midnight. Email any questions to or text Sarah at 417-773-1989. 

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