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Lovely arugula.

Sold by the pound.

Quantity remaining: 2
Carnival Squash - conventional

Carnival Squash looks and tastes like acorn squash, but the coloration is different - yellow and orange exterior.  I find the shell is a little tougher and it takes a little longer to cook than the acorn.  This squash is conventionally grown by Amish in Rich Hill, MO.

Sold by the pound

Quantity remaining: 25
Cut Flower - Ranunculus

Grace your font desk, table or house with a splash of local color.  Ranunculus sold in a mixed color bunch of 10.  White, Orange, Yellow, Purples and Pink.  (These are not edible).

Sold by the bunch.

Quantity remaining: 6
Edible Flower - Nasturtium

Yellow Nasturtium flowers.  We have leaves as well.  If you want a mix of flowers and leaves, let us know.

Sold by the ounce.

Quantity remaining: 2

Lovely fennel. Large bulbs, great anise flavor.

Sold by the plant.

Quantity remaining: 2

Softneck garlic.

Sold by the POUND.

Quantity remaining: 10
Garlic - by the head

Softneck garlic sold by the head for those of you who would like just a little garlic at a time! 

Sold by the head


Quantity remaining: 25
Herb - Rosemary

The perfect garnish for savory dishes, salads and pairs well with roasted vegetables, fruits or whipping cream.

Sold by the bunch.

Quantity remaining: 10

Green curly kale bunches.

Sold by the half case (12 bunches)

Quantity remaining: 1

A beautiful baby cut mizuna.  Mild and tasty.

Sold by the pound.

Quantity remaining: 5
Radicchio - Sugarloaf

Green, mildly bitter tall heads of Radicchio - Sugarloaf type, variety Virtus.

Sold by the head.

Quantity remaining: 8
Radishes, Black Spanish

Black Spanish Radishes!

Hearty radish lovers jump to the head of the line for this full flavored spicy radish!  Black on the outside, white inside.

Sold by the pound.

Quantity remaining: 2
Radishes, Red

Red radishes, sold in bunches of 8 to 10. Delicious! 

Sold by the bunch.

Quantity remaining: 6

Lovely spinach.  

Sold by the pound. 

Quantity remaining: 7
Sweet Potatoes, conventional (lb)

Sweet and flavorful, these sweet potatoes are sure to be a hit! Large size only left.

Conventionally grown by Mathews Family Farm in AR.

Order by the pound. 

Quantity remaining: 18
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights

Rainbow Chard - stems of  red, orange, yellow, white and pink. Beautiful, tasty, and nutritious, chard is a marvelous vegetable. 

Sold by the bunch

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